Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Knotty Knotty

Don’t Buckle your Belt. Tie a Knot in It

One of my favorite trends this season is defiantly the knotted belt. I’ve been seeing it on everyone from bloggers, celebrities even fashion editors. My favorite is the small/ thin braided belts that I’ve been purchasing in the Men’s section. Buying them extra long has given me a couple inches extra to play with. The belt doesn’t have limited to being knotted in one play each time it is worn. Cheap & Chic Tip: Purchase Braided belts at thrift stores! I purchased 5 today at the local Goodwill of a $1 each.

How To: Simply wrap a thin belt—preferably one you already own—around your waist and tie a knot out of the excess flap. The look will add a funky new, er, twist to your dresses and shorts now, and to your sweaters in the fall.

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