Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boutique Spotlight: beyourself

About the Boutique:
 beyourself is a boutique located in Omaha, Nebraska was established in April 2005 by two sisters. They opened the store with a strong mission – to make every woman feel beautiful in their own skin.  They believed that fashion had led to negative feelings in women that have severely affected self-esteem. They dreamed up a place where fashion was about fun and the fit and feel of clothes instead of the size on the tag. They carefully created a unique color dot sizing system that they believe has led to better self-esteem throughout Omaha.  Their mission also included that women of all shapes, ages and sizes should be able to shop together in the same store. Unfortunately, boutiques and malls have specific stores for certain sizes and ages.  It was impossible for the sisters (who are very different sizes) and their amazing mother to shop in the same store. They believed that was silly and sad and promised that their store would be different.  The last part of their mission was to give Omaha boutique styles and unique fashion at reasonable prices. All parts of the sister’s mission can be found inside the doors of beyourself.

After hearing rave reviews (for 2 years) from one of my best friends I finally got to experience beyourself for myself.
A SPECIAL THANKS to the beyourself staff for letting me shoot pictures of their fabulous boutique for my blog!!!
 If you can't visit the Omaha location check them out online HERE and HERE!

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