Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A New Blog

Quite often my best ideas come to me in the middle of the night causing me to toss and turn until the moment I become so restless that I’m forced to make random notes to myself via my iPhone. Last Sunday I cooked twice, breakfast and dinner (btw I cooked more last Sunday then I probably have in the last 6 months. Not that I can’t or don’t want to… I just had an overly busy summer running my two boutiques). That evening while cooking I realized how much I truly missed spending time in my well equipped kitchen. At that very moment I decided to start a new blog: THE BLONDE IN THE KITCHEN.

This blog will follow my attempts to becoming a little more domestic then I have been in the recent months. I’m super excited to share all of my favorite recipes as well as a few easy recipes for last minute dinner parties… and maybe even a few of my great grandmothers “secret” recipes that got passed down to me early this year. My 1st post on my new blog will be up soon! Follow my new blog HERE! (DON’T WORRY I WILL STILL CONTIUNE TO BLOG ABOUT FASHION ON THIS BLOG)

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