Sunday, November 27, 2011

One Dress Can Change Your Life...

Six months ago today I wore this dress from Forever 21 (in which I purchased over two years ago). Anyone that knows me knows that I am NOT a big fan of color. After getting dressed I 2nd guessed my outfit choice multiple times before I even walked out my front door. Once in the car I may have been a little over-dramatic when my friend’s boyfriend asked if we were all going to prom. Over dressed maybe?!?! It was just like any other evening out, dinner at the Bistro and then maybe a drink or two at Friday After5.  Little did I know that night my life would change forever as I knew it. Everyone says you find “LOVE” when you least expect it and they’re right. Andrew and I met on May 27th just before 10 PM.  And the rest… well it’s just history in the making.

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