Thursday, July 19, 2012

New In...

Today I spent the day shopping for a few of the must-have items I still need before Baby Emerson's arrival... and I just so happened to make several purchases for myself as well (I thought I deserved them). Here are 3 pairs of shoes I came home with:
(sorry for the poor photos... they were taken with my iPhone)
Buy the Vince Camuto "Jamma" Heels HERE! Buy the Steven Madden " Studlyy" Loafers HERE! Buy the  Sam Edelma "Lorissa" Peep-Toe Heels HERE!

Better Look at the Shoes:

(photos of vine camuto and sam edelman via google search/ photo of loafers via Juli Photo Diary)


  1. The studded loafers are incredible :)

    1. oh yes they're amazing!!! I can't wait to wear them!!!!

  2. Awesomeee!!!! Are u wearing them now??? I find heels difficult to walk with, so i could never imagine myself pregnant and in heels... :S...
    Congrats if u are!!!! Jessica Simpson was...and I was like woooowwwww....