Monday, August 13, 2012

D.I.Y Necklace Inspo via a pair & a spare

This D.I.Y Project is so easy  and cheap you can't afford not to do it!!! Go buy a can of spray paint and one of those cheesy/cheap crystal necklaces (normally sold for prom or pageants)... bring home the goods... lay out some newspaper and get to work! Simply spray the necklace and let dry. The D.I.Y Project is shown using white paint but I think I want to do a necklace in white, one in black and maybe a neon one!!! Be sure to send me photos if you partake in this D.I.Y Project! I'd love to see the results!!!!  See original D.I.Y Post from a pair & a spare HERE!

(via a pair & a spare)

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  1. This necklace looks really great!!! :D Love it ^^