Monday, October 29, 2012

Life Needs More Parties: The Roaring 20's

(me and rachel)
Last Monday My Besties and  I Dressed Up "1920's-ish" and had a FABULOUS Dinner Party at The Famous Bistro here in Owensboro, KY (my favorite restaurant in the city). 

(me and chase)
(loving chase's ode to howard hughes... he attached airplane to his hat)

While this dinner party was in honor of Halloween... it also kicked of a new feature on my blog.
Inspired by my pinterest board HERE... this new featured post will appear (hopefully) once a week on my blog. Each week I will be planning and hosting themed parties. Either in my home, a friends home or someplace unexpectedly fabulous. I'm super excited about this new feature. I hope you will come back weekly to see what theme is currently inspiring me and how you can recreate the party yourself. 
Because life really does need MORE parties. XOXO

(my instagram photo of my two headpieces for the night)

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