Thursday, November 22, 2012

From the Oven: Sugar Cookies

We are already into the "holiday" season so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to add yet another "special" weekly post: From the Oven

When I was first starting this blog I was wanting to name my blog something meaningful. A name with substance. I Sold My Cookie Cutter on the Internet seemed like the perfect title. Even though it's a bit long it has major meaning (2 parts). The first part: I have always rebelled and refused to live a "normal" "cookie-cutter" lifestyle that everyone one in my small town believed I should. I want my life to be beyond what's considered normal. Some people said that they thought that I thought my life was a movie. Well, if that's the case then I've got the starring role in a major motion picture!!! The second apart... comes from me constantly selling things out of my closet on line. Normally after I'm photographed in an outfit I won't wear it again... and after I've worn fabulous shoes to at least two functions I won't wear them again either... I guess old habits die hard because I don't recall wearing the same total outfit to school twice. 
Well now that the history lesson behind my blog name is over lets get back to this special featured post that will soon become a weekly installment....
From the Oven will be a weekly feature that showcases a cookie recipe (to relate to the cookie cutter part of my blog title). I would love to have you (my fab readers) submit guest post featuring your very own fave recipes and photos of your cooking process and the finished product. 
This week however I'm taking the easy route and using a yummy recipe I found on pinterest. Find the recipe HERE.  

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