Monday, May 13, 2013

Beauty Notes: ROCK YOUR HAIR

A few weeks back I was contacted by one of the lovely ladies at Rock Your Hair. A hair product company designed by celebrity hair stylist Michael O’Rourke.

They were kind enough to send me this lovely package full of amazing products to review. From the pink packaging to the great results I've quickly become a fan of ROCK YOUR HAIR. Living in KY we have crazy weather and ridiculous humidity even when it;s not crazy hot. These products seem to repel the effects of KY weather. I've used nothing but these products since I received them. To the gym, to dinner, for a day out shopping, showering and falling asleep with wet hair... are just a few ways I've tested the products.

By far my fave product: Bombshell Big Hair Powder
It's great for adding texture, volume and absorbing excess oil (a.k.a post gym workout sweat and no time to shower). 

All products have also been used on my hair extensions. The Miracle Leave-In Treatment has been a great conditioning aide for them since they see so much heat. 

Try them for yourself HERE and Rock Your Hair every day. 

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