Sunday, May 26, 2013

D.I.Y Setting Spray

Setting Sprays are great for holding makeup in place or for an instant refreshed look... 
If you aren't sure they are for you or if you're looking for a spray that's cost efficient try making your own. For under $15 I was about to make two different sprays plus I have enough left over to remake it again and again over the next several months. I made one using the rose water toner and the other using the lavender essential oil. 

- Purified Water
- Glycerin*
- Rosewater Toner 
(You can also use drops of essential oils; e.g. lavender/tea tree) 
- 2 Vitamin E capsules 
- Travel Size Spray Bottle

- In the Spray bottle Mix 3 Parts Water to 1 Part Glycerin and shake
(amounts will vary depending on batch or bottle size)
- Squeeze in 2 Vitamin E Capsules 
- Add a few drops of desired scent (oil or toner)
- Shake 

*I recommend only using the contents for about a month. Then cleaning your spray bottle and making a new batch. 

*Please remember when using essential oils they tend to be much stronger. A little goes a long way. For a small travel size spray bottle like the ones pictured above it only took 4 drops. 

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