Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beauty & the Chic: BH Cosmetics "California" Collection Sampler

Holy Chic do we love makeup!!The  BH cosmetics "California" Collection Sampler is what we are testing this week.  The Sampler includes three colors total from their BH Hollywood, BH San Francisco, and BH Malibu eye shadow/blush pallets. 

 First we'd like to comment on the price of the collections.  At a normal $17.95 the pallets are now at the low price of $9.95!  That is an amazing value for the amount of shadows you get.  There are sixteen shadows and four blushes in each pallet.  
Next lets talk pigmentation.  The shadows are very pigmented and a little goes a long way.  Not to mention very blendable.  Love love love the color combinations of each individual pallet. The color, from our experience is also quite long lasting. 
We would have to give it four chic thumbs up.  Price of the product and quality are both great!  The company has an array of pallets and products that Rachel is now dying to try.  With prices like these why not try them all? 

Comment below if you have tired this palette or any of their others!
Ashley and Rachel 
*all photos by Rachel Thomson. Photos are property of Holy Chic and may not be reused without written permission 

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