Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beauty & the Chic: Great Skin

Great skin is the key to any flawless makeup application.

 Blemishes and dry skin can make even the most luxurious makeup look bad.  I have naturally dry skin, but I am also prone to break outs.   To make matters worse I also have very sensitive skin.  Unfortunately I have not been blessed with good skin.  I have to really watch what products I use on my face and I constantly have to make sure I am well moisturized. 

I have recently stumbled upon some great products that I would love to share.  I have had great success with these 3 products in recent months.  

 For my everyday Cleanser I am OBSESSED with BOSCIA Clear Complexion Cleanser.  A great preservative free cleanser for those of us with sensitive skin.  This has truly worked wonders for me in recent months.  It has cut down on a lot of unwanted irritations and breakouts.  This Product is designed for all skin types and gets a whopping 4.6 stars on SEPHORA.  You can purchase it at SEPHORA stores or online for around $26.

AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask.  I have been using this in my recent skin care routine for a once a week purifying facial.  It contains Horsetail Extract which has great anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.  Good qualities for people with acne prone skin.  Jojoba oil in the mask makes for great moisture and soft skin.  AHAVA products have been on Allure’s Editor picks in recent months and have gotten rave reviews on ULTA.  It can be purchased at NORDSTROM for the price of $31.

For those of us with dry skin, BENEFIT Total Moisture Facial Cream is a great find.  Priced at around $40.00 it is well worth it for winter and if you can’t kick dry skin.  It is designed for normal to dry skin types so I don’t recommend it for oily skin.  It is lightly scented and highly conditioning.  I use it as my night cream and throughout the day when my skin feels a little tight.  It has done wonders for dry patches I am typically prone too.  I also use it on clients as pre-makeup prep to help bases go on smoother.  BENEFIT products can be purchased at ULTA and SEPHORA
The most important thing is to find what works best with your skin.  I have been lucky enough to find these fantastic products and they are working wonders for me.  

XOXO Rachel 

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