Friday, January 31, 2014

February Moods

Ahhhhhh my favorite month of the year... 

Fashion Week + Valentines Day + an  anniversary + my birthday = a full month of fashion, chocolate, cake, fresh flowers, amazing dinners  and SEVERAL fabulous outfits. And with the Feb. 9th launch of Peter Pilotto for Target my wardrobe will get a heavy dose of print and color just in time for spring. 

I suppose the polar vortex has caused me to become some what of a hermit. I spend my days feasting of pepperonis, fresh mozzarella and chocolate bacon bars while overloading my pinterest followers with my latest cravings and genius ideas. Lately I am in full home decor makeover mode. I've even contemplated the idea of ripping out the gnarly tile in my townhouse and replacing it with something far chicer. I'm not sure the landlord would appreciate it though.

As for my current dressings... 
Due to the cold and endless snow and ice my daily outfit choices appear to look like I'm going through a Northern Exposure (i.e puffy vest) and Al Borland (i.e flannel shirt) phase. I can't wait pack away my winter attire so I can start rocking all the tomboy inspired pieces and slip-on sneakers I'm beginning to acquire. Are sneakers the new heels? I'm quite obsessed with style mavens pairing them with skirts and chic business attire. Full post coming soon...  

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