Thursday, January 16, 2014

Unexpected Look for Less: Mules

Earlier this week while shoe shopping over on Victoria's Secret I was in great debate:  mules or oxfords. I needed a 3rd pair to add to my order...

You see I was already buying these these yet $3.00 away from getting free shipping. So I needed to buy something else!!!
 $98 later oxfords won the debate ... Yay for FREE SHIPPING!!! 

At the same time I was also thumbing through the new issue of Style Watch (fashion multitasking: shopping and reading). As I flipped through the pages I landed on the page featuring the Mule (see above) around the same time as I had found a similar pair on the VS website. I don't know about you but I feel like it's a sign they belong in my closet. Thank you Fashion Gods! I love the sleek black and white wedge with just a pop of color at the heel. Forth pair of shoes added to cart: CHECK 

Plus they are a total Look for Less Find! Who doesn't love that? 

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