Friday, May 9, 2014

Project Patio

 Current Inspirations...

In the middle of the #holychichomemakeover I decided to venture outdoors. My patio area needs a MAJOR face lift. I've resided in my current townhouse for over five years, yet have never spent much time out back. There's always been a fire pit, chairs here and there and a grill but nothing more. Now that I'm a mom I can't spend my summers constantly traveling so I'm in the process of trying to turn the patio into someplace I'd actually want to be. I love the idea of mixing modern pieces and bright colors of the above photo (on the left) with the rustic shabby chic style on the right. How chic would an outdoor mirror be?!?! I think that candles and bistro lights will cast a beautiful reflection off of it. 

Below (left) is the idea I'm leaning towards to fill in an area near my central air unit that seems to stay muddy. (F.I.Y bags of gravel are super heavy) What outdoor area is complete without a bar (on top right)?!?! Constructing this out of concrete blocks appears to be quite easy. And it leaves open spaces for my current obsession, Succulents.    


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